Boardwalk Properties, Inc.

      "Your Hometown Builder"

Our New Homes Provide

    Quiet and Comfort:

We utilize and install energy efficient heat pumps that provide consistent temperatures, with better air quality and offer the latest features to protect against the heat or cold.


    Lower Utility Bills:

Our new homes use substantially less energy generating approximately $100-$400 in yearly savings which add up to thousands of dollars throughout the years.


    Lower Maintenance:

Our supervision and quality control, along with long lasting, name brand equipment,have proven to provide the peace of mind with minimal maintance found in typically constructed homes.


    Protection for the Environment:

By using an energy efficient heat pump, appliances and equipment throughout our homes, we use less energy.  Less energy used reduces the amount of air polution generated by the power plants use of fossil fuels that contribute to smog, acid rain and global warming.


 Our new homes Provide CHOICES

Choose your lot

Choose your floorplan or ask us to design one for you

Choose from household brand names in design selections:

                     including flooring, lighting, appliances, countertops,tile and so much more.

Choose how you want to spend your money on the items and selections that are important to you.

Choose what you want, how you want it, and let us build the home of your dreams.  



Call Boardwalk Properties, Inc. today for more information regarding your new home construction.